What are the Best Startup Gifts for a Developer?

It's 2018 and you are about to do some holiday shopping for your loved ones, who happen to be in the Startup Industry. 

You know they're a programmer, and they write "code" for a living - but besides that, their job elludes you.   What do they actually do?  What kind of gifts do software developers enjoy?  What is funny to them?

Well don't you worry - we've got your back!   We've compiled the best list of Startup Gifts we could find for developers just for you!

Read below to find out what are the best Gifts for Startups in 2018 starting with our collection of Startup Swag!

For Developers

Developers have an analytical brain and an attention to anything technology.  Often very expressive of their political opinions and always on their phone or computer, these folks run the economy and everything we use.

If your friend or loved one is a Developer, it may be hard to understand what gifts they will think are cool and funny.  Fear not, we've got items specifically made by developers FOR developers.   Welcome to the #devlife catalog.

For Developer Gifts in the Startup Industry, we recommend the following options: 

#Devlife "Header" Beanie Hat for Developers -  The </head> Beanie and Dad Baseball Cap for Developers is an especially humorous hat designed by developers.  For anyone who doesn't get it, here's why it's funny:

For any software developer creating a new website, mobile app, or other piece of software that uses web technologies they must start off every website with the <header></header> tag, which designates the most important heading information.

It's essentially the "head" of the body of code.  And yes (if you're wondering) there is a <body> tag too :) 


Take a </br> Break Coffee Mug - We all know how much developers love their coffee.  Heck, it's even an obsession to some (although to be fair, we all love coffee).

This mug puts a little humor in your loved ones coffee by encouraging them to take a coffee break!  </br> stands for "Break" in the software industry - so we guarantee they'll get it and 100% chance they'll actively use this coffee mug.

Moleskine Evernote Smart Notebook - This product is used by almost EVERYONE on our development team here at OpenForge.  We build mobile apps for a living and our Developers love these notebooks almost as much as the designers.

If you're looking for a solid presence that can't go wrong; this is it.

The Lean Startup Book - If your loved one is a developer and is entering into the Startup Industry to make millions and prove themselves to the world; they need to read this book.  They really do.  It's one of the standards/ defactos in the Startup Industry.  

42 Best Tech Gadgets - To be honest, a lot of us developers already have most of the tech gadgets we want.  But, if you do know someone who is missing out on some technology, here's a list of 42 Best Tech Gifts to buy.

We highly recommend it, and Amazon is probably the best place to buy it.

Check out the #devlife Catalog!

If you want to see other gifts for software developers, programmers, and technologists we highly encourage you to check out and share our other products at the full #devlife catalog.  It's got a bunch of cool, fashionable items that are all niche for the developer community.

Happy coding our friends!

Thank you for Shopping!

We hope this helps in your holiday shopping!   If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at hello@openforge.io and we'll be sure to get back to you!

~StartupGiftShop Team